At Bluenet, a young neapolitan company, we deal with technology and systems integration in the IT and electronics areas. We were born in 2014 thanks to a group of entrepreneurs with an international scope, and today we have two offices, in Naples and Singapore.
In Bluenet you can find different skills, such as software/firmware development, security management and protection of processed data, together with their transmission and their following elaborations. 


Your Solution, Our Mission!
We believe that any problem has more than one solution: our mission is to find the best one together with the client/partner. We realize and implement it, and we monitor the stats and results.
At Bluenet, we are well aware of the business requirements of information analysis, dissemination and sharing, in strict compliance with the rules governing the protection of personal data. 


To become one of the leading national players in technological innovation.
We created Bluenet with the aim of overcoming commonly used products in the IT and electronic fields, keeping the User Experience intact and handling with the greatest of care the issues linked with data security and protection.


Over 40 years of experience in the world of microprocessors and in the field of smart cards. You're not wrong if you call him “Guru”.

Paolo Pepori


More than 30 years of presence on the Far East markets. Entrepreneur and expert in security printing, he's in charge of the Bluenet office in Singapore.

Steven Chew

Internationalization Director

Long and certified experience in cryptography and electronic documents (Passports, Identity cards, Payments).

Nicola Fedele


Former CEO of STMicroelectronics Italy, physicist with
long-standing experience.

Carmelo Papa


Former director of important multinational companies engaged in the electronic identification sector. He is an added value that makes us proud! 

Dayton Marcucci

CTO - Embedded and Security Software

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