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Over the Smart CARd

The Multi-Application Smart Card 

OSCAR is the first multi-application Smart Card operating system that allows you to change functionality according to the specific needs, automatically or thanks to a management app installed on your smartphone. The introduction of such a versatile Smart Card can play a central role in the integration of Local Public Transport and in the promotion of intermodality. 

How many cards do you have in your wallet?

Oscar can replace all of them!!


You can host on the same Smart Card multiple profiles and multiple standards, preserving access security and information segregation


You can create new profiles even in advanced status of the card's life cycle
(e.g. Cards already delivered to the customer)


You can use different types of hardware supports. The Oscar technology is "Multi-platform", so it's not bound by a single support 


Imagine all your cards combined in a single, safe Smart Card that, according to need, can simulate them all, with the same security and without any complication. OSCAR changes function thanks to the management app installed on the smartphone of the end-user. It allows both automatic and manual choise of the function to be used.  OSCAR makes it possible to integrate additional features at any time: in fact, it represents the evolution of the Smart Card as it is conceived today. 
By integrating it with the use of a smartphone app, which acts as a local "dashboard", even in off-line mode, it always guarantees the use. Integrating different payments and retention systems into a single product/service is an unquestionable advantage.

OSCAR will not change the habits, trust and familiarity we all have with Smart Cards. Reducing the number of Smart Cards in favor of a single support entails a lower expense for the end-user and the distributor, as well as a lower environmental impact.

The Research and Development activities related to OSCAR were carried out with subsidized loans for businesses , thanks to the 
“Smart & Start Italia” tender,  within the National Operational Program “Business and competitiveness 2014-2020” FESR.


Oscar looks like an Operative System for microchip and it can be integrated into a Smart Card or into any wearable object, such as a bracelet


Oscar is a technology that allows multiple profiles and standards to be received on the same support while preserving access security and information segregation


It makes possible to create new profiles or update existing ones even in advanced stages of the life-cycle of the chip


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